Sneak Peak #1: Der Lebenszyklus/ The life cycle

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Welcome to the first addition of our new thread of blog posts! Each week, get a ‚Sneak Peak‘ into our scientific stories our team is now finalizing. We share a little excerpt from one of the stories and chat with the authors about the inspiration and motivation for their story, as well as the story.

This week, we chatted with our team member and scientist Dr. Denise Mueller-Dum, about her story ‚The Life Cycle‘ or ‚The life cycle‘.

„My story describes a research journey of the scientist Faizal into the jungle, and his companion, a simple boat driver, brings him to a new scientific question that captures him so much that he returns years later to explore them „I try to convey the fascination for this landscape with the story, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, I develop an idea on how scientific questions can arise.“ 

List to Denise reading an excerpt from her story (German)


„My story describes the scientist Faizal’s research trip into the jungle.“ „My companion, a boat driver,“ This is the first time I have been in the United States, and I have been working for a while.

Listen to Denise reading an excerpt from her story (English)

Check back with the blog and @OUAT_sci_story on Twitter for our next ‚Sneak Peak‘!

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