So far so good

It’s been a year already … can you believe that? A short update on what the OUAT team has been up to…


When our project was announced as one of the 15 winning projects from @wissimdialog , we immediately started working toward our project goal – working our scientific concepts and theory we work with everyday in to a ‚fairy-tale‘ like story

We started to establish contacts with embassies so in a later stage of the project, we will be able to expand the outreach of our stories. Here is a picture from our visit to the Chilean Embassy in October.

At the Chillian Embassy (left to right): Kotte, Josepha and Dharma next to the posters


With only good intention its a little hard to make big progress, so to know where to start and how to address our audience-the children, we invited Kevin Kurtz (@kevkurtz5000) to give us a liftoff workshop. Kevin is known as “ an award winning children’s author who writes nonfiction books about science and nature“. He was the Education Officer on the research vessel JOIDES Resolution traveling with an international team of scientists during an expedition in the South Pacific. Kevin shared with us his experience from the ship, and also tips and ideas for our own stories.

(info from


Lots of coffee and searching for ideas and ways forward for the project

Brain storming in Cafe Lisboa. sitting from left to right: Dharma, Salvador, Leonardo and Eunami


The science team in the wissenschaft im:dialog prepared a day full of discussion and brain storming regarding the ways to promote our projects and reaching out for the crowd. and after a short introduction to the other groups, their projects and their so far progress, we dived into the main issue.

Hamburg workshop
Our Ivan is presenting one of the brain storming groups conclusions


Story writing workshop! You’ve seen us sweating there already …

Writing stories workshop with Jose.
Writing stories workshop with Jose.


After a long winter, our team members have the first stories ready for review!

Reviewing the first stories in our favorite Cafe @PourPourCoffee


On the 22.04.2017 we joined app. 2000 people in Hamburg that marched for Science!

Preparing signs for the march
Preparing signs for the march
Our view on the march for science
With the people that marched!


We had a visit from @wissimdialog 


And still there is so much to do! Reviewing the last stories … translating into one of many languages … meeting with illustrators and of course meeting the audience of our stories.

But more about this in future blog posts…..

Until then meet our guy. OUATi the octopus: