Sneak peak #3: Lucas – our common ancestor in the deep sea volcanos.

Welcome to the third addition of our new thread of blog posts! Every week, get a ‚Sneak Peak‘ into our scientific stories our team is now finalizing. We share a little excerpt from one of the stories and chat with the authors about the inspiration and motivation for their story.

This week, we would like to introduce you to another member of our team – Dr. Pamela Rossel and her story ‚LUCAS -our common ancestor in the deep sea volcanos‘.

Meet Lucas! (©OUAT, illustrated by Callum)
Meet Lucas! (©OUAT, illustrated by Callum)


Pamela is a scientist in the Institute for Chemistry and Biology in the marine environment, studying the bacterial life in deep-sea surface sediments.

„As a mother for two little children, I recognize the necessity of passing part of what I have learned about earth science to my kids but also to other people..“ 

In her story, we meet a funny little creature called Lucas in a place where many people thought life could not exist. The story explains how important this little creature is to life as we know it.

Here is a little taste from Pame:


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