Sneak peak #5: The plastic island / La isla de plástico

Welcome to the fifth addition of our thread of blog posts! Every week, get a ,Sneak Peak‘ into the scientific stories our team is now finalizing. We share a little excerpt from one of the stories and chat with the authors about the inspiration and motivation for their story.

This week, we talked to our team member and scientist Iván Hernández Almeida, about his story, ‚The plastic island‘.

Plastic in Aurea’s fish (© OUAT, illustrated by Carolina Guarnizo)

I wanted to write about the plastic pollution in the oceans, but from the perspective of a little girl. Proper environmental education during early childhood will encourage children to explore nature, and will develop positive attitudes and feelings toward the natural environment. I think this is one of the best approaches against climate change and degradation of the environment.

Aurea, the main character in the story, is a nine years old girl and a very curious one. She is not very happy about all the plastic garbage that are lying on the beach or floating on the sea surface. She is stubborn and has initiative, and with the support of some adults, she will raise concerns about plastic pollution in her community, and altogether will try to revert the situation.

Listen to Ivan reading an excerpt from his story (English)


Listen to Ivan reading an excerpt from his story (in his mother tongue, Spanish)

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