Sneak peak #9: Tonight you will dream about the ocean

Welcome to the 9th addition of our thread of blog posts! Every week, get a ,Sneak Peak‘ into the scientific stories our team is now finalizing. We share a little excerpt from one of the stories and chat with the authors about the inspiration and motivation for their story.

This week, we talked to our team member and scientist Hadar Elyashiv, about her poem, ‚Tonight you will dream about the ocean‘.

Hadar illustration Blog
What will you find if you follow a pirate under the sea? (© OUAT, illustrated by Boaz Balachsan)

What most of us know about the oceans, begins and ends either when we visit the beach, or what the more adventurers among us see up to the 40 m depth of diving. Pictures and documentaries of National geographic and alike help us to get to know a little more of how the deeper parts of oceans look like. Still, the oceans are much deeper than most of us will ever reach and hold much more than a camera can catch, whether these are mysterious creatures, unbelievable processes or simply perceive how deep can deep be.

In the poem I wish to give people a little of the feeling that one could have felt if there was a possibility to walk over the sea floor – just like climbing a mountain. In the poem, people will discover on the one hand some of the unique creatures that live in the shallow and deeper places. On the other hand, they will find out how human activities also hurt and pollute these, far from sight environments. But above all, it is a little fantasy about our oceans.

Listen to Hadar reading an excerpt from her story (English)


Listen to Hadar reading an excerpt from her story (in her mother tongue, Hebrew)

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