More about us: Our Logo

This time we are going to take some time to share more about our logo and why did we choose such a particular name.

Our logo portrays a smartphone with a headframe of a mining shaft centrally placed in the display. ‘Glückauf Project’, which is the name of our project, is placed next to the smartphone. Now the question arises…. what does Glückauf means?

Glückauf, or Glück Auf, is the typical greeting between miners to express the desire for miners to return safely from their working shift inside the mine. It is also considered to be short for “Ich wünsche dir Glück, tu einen neuen Gang auf”  which means “I wish you luck in opening a new lode” an important greeting between miners to wish each other good luck. All of this because back in the days mining was commonly done without any prospecting campaign and miners could never have absolute certainty of achieving the desired reward or a reward at all after a day of work.  Even though it is not clear where and how it was first originated the oldest record goes back to 1575 in the Ore Mountains located in Est Germany or better known as Erzgebirge.

The choice of the smartphone as a logo is based on the concept that the mining industry is improving tremendously in terms of technology. Today’s mines are no longer dangerous as most people perceive. As a matter of fact, the technologies used in the mining industry nowadays incorporated the highest standards of safety. It is anticipated that future mines too will be fully automated hence minimizing the reliance on human labor.

The shaft and its headframe are the backbones of underground mining. Germany has a rich history in underground mining, particularly coal, salt and kali mines with average depths of 1250 m and the deepest going down to 1600 m. Thus, the headframe of a shaft is the most iconic symbol of underground mining activities in Germany.

The blue/green background color gives an impression of sustainability in mining. Often, many European Community societies perceive mining as an industry which destroys the environment and therefore has no future. But as a reality, mineral products play a vital role in our daily life. Sustainable exploitation of mineral resources is the ultimate goal of today and future mines with the purpose of taking care of the environment and benefiting future generations.

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