Hitting the road!

Science and storytelling… you might raise a brew or you might think of the boring science book from high school.

Well you’d better push that thought aside! As young scientists we believe that science should break the walls of the ivory tower and go out to the streets-play with the kids and talk to their parents, families and friends.

And what about the sea? Ah, this is why we are here!

We are enthusiastic marine scientists who are passionate about studying the life, the processes and the secrets of the ocean and we also want to tell you about this wonderful world that we discover every day. We want to tell you how it is under constant threat as much as we want to explore and explain how it is connected to climate.

Story telling is the most ancient way to pass information from one person, or even one generation, to another. Stories were once told around the fire to pass knowledge to the next generations and in a places still are. We want information about our oceans coming straight from the scientists to be accessible, understandable, and as attractive to readers from all walks of life as your childhood fairy tales.

So here we are hitting the road hoping to give you in a few months something to read enjoy and learn from!