Kick-off Meeting!

After attending the winners‘ workshop in April, the whole group got together on May 5th. What did Clif, Angela, Sandra, and Martin discuss?

On the lovely sunny day, we could achieve to agree on the principal roles, its description and the responsible person for it. Clif will be from now on the Head of Content and Development. Sandra will take charge of Content Managment, as well as being the Blog and Instagram Manager. Angela was chosen to be the groups‘ Project Manager, and will also develop herself as a Communicator and Branding Head. At last, but not least, Martin will be our IT guy. He will be the specialist in charge of structuring, programming and developing the project´s app.

How will our app look like? Which type of content is going to be included? What does #mining have to deal with the Working Environments of the Future (Arbeitswelten der Zukunft)?

Stay in touch to get all of those answers!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention the most important member of our team: the six years old cocker spaniel, Mindy!

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